Every month thousands of smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes and gaining in popularity

For someone who wish to quit smoking tobacco, transition to an electronic cigarette is a real and easy step. According to doctors, 82% who have tried an electronic cigarette permanently renounced tobacco cigarettes, 11% smoked occasionally, and the remaining 7%, or use the electronic cigarette only where they can't smoke, or they did not quit smoking.

  1. Switching to an electronic cigarette smoker eliminates harmful resins, products of combustion, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances.
  2. Clothing, apartment, car does not smell like an ashtray forgotten.
  3. Disappears morning smoker's cough.
  4. Leaves an unpleasant aftertaste morning.
  5. Returns back of smell.
  6. Appears pure breath.
  7. Factor of passive smoking for others disappears completely.
  8. Electronic cigarettes will cost much cheaper in the end than analog.

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